Curasano Spraytan Express® is recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists. Curasano Spraytan Express® is the healthy and safe alternative to obtain a beatiful and smooth bronzed tan without having to expose yourself to the harmful UV-rays of the sun or a solarium. After applying the durable selftanning mist you will immediately obtain a beautifully bronzed glow. During the following hours this selftanning solution will continue to evolve and the obtained bronzed tan will remain visible for several days, equal to the natural tanning process.

  • CURASANO Spraytan Express 150ML
    CURASANO Spraytan Express 150ML


    Clean the skin thoroughly before application, if necessary use a peeling or scrub.

    Step 1 : Shake the bottle well before application.

    Step 2 : Keep the bottle at approximately 30 cm from the body while…

    € 29,95
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